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To protect your organization's assets, you want a durable tag that won't chip, become illegible or fall off after a few months. A good asset tag makes your inventory and auditing system painless - and keeps your things where they belong.

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Effective Inventory Tracking

If you’re planning on keeping a precise inventory of your assets, it’s important to follow a few simple steps.
  • First, set a plan for how often you’re going to audit your own assets. There isn’t much sense in asset tagging if you’re never going to check to make sure your company’s property is where you think it is!
  • For expensive items like laptops, or items that may have insurance implications, consider setting up a check-in and check-out procedure. Free asset management software can often help you to stay on top of who has what.
Inventory Tracking
Bikes are prime targets for thieves. Asset tags make them easier to track.
  • Make sure your scanner is suitable for the space you’re in. For warehouses and businesses where it’s not always possible to get within an inch of the label to be scanned, consider purchasing a laser scanner. They’re more expensive than optical scanners, but with scanning distances of as much as 20 inches, a Class 2 laser scanner makes a powerful tool for inventorying hard-to-reach items.
  • Inventories work best when the people doing the counting are supervised, but are familiar with the products being counted. This helps ensure that nothing gets missed.
This Government Accounting Office (GAO) document contains numerous other suggestions for best practices where inventories are concerned.
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