Asset Barcode Tags
World’s Best Asset Tags

To protect your organization's assets, you want a durable tag that won't chip, become illegible or fall off after a few months. A good asset tag makes your inventory and auditing system painless - and keeps your things where they belong.

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Different Kinds of Scanners

  • For many more casual users, the best barcode scanner is the one they already have – their smartphone. Using widely available apps, smartphones can scan many varieties of barcode quickly and cheaply. Smartphones aren’t the most accurate devices available, but most users find that for limited purposes, smartphones work well.

  • Other varieties include wand or pen scanners, handheld laser scanners, and omnidirectional scanners. Pen scanners use optical light rather than lasers, and while weak, they are more accurate than smartphones. Look for pen scanners with a USB connection that will allow you to connect the scanner to your laptop or desktop.

  • Barcode Scanner
    This type of handheld scanner is sturdy and works at enough distance to be put to heavy use
  • For frequent use, you may wish to consider omnidirectional scanners, like the ones often found in grocery stores. These scanners use lasers in configurations that allow them to capture bar codes held at any angle. Industrial-strength omnidirectional scanners can be used to scan barcodes at a distance – useful for inventorying hard-to-reach places in particular.

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