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To protect your organization's assets, you want a durable tag that won't chip, become illegible or fall off after a few months. A good asset tag makes your inventory and auditing system painless - and keeps your things where they belong.

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Asset Tracking

Asset tracking
  • Asset tracking means any procedure used by a company to keep track of its property. Sometimes companies are required to audit their assets, making tracking essential, and sometimes they set up asset tracking to ensure that nothing goes missing. Any asset tracking system has four key components: labels, scanners, software, and a plan.
  • Would you like your employees to check items in and out like a library? Then you’ll need to assign ID numbers to the people who will be doing the borrowing – and configuring your software accordingly. Are you just planning to make sure your company’s equipment is all in place from year to year? Then you’ll need durable tags that will last a long time. Will your assets be leaving the workplace? Then they should be branded with a logo or company name so they can be returned in case they’re lost.
  • Asset tracking software doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive – some companies even offer free software to help you keep track of your goods. Software does most of the heavy lifting in modern asset tracking. Think of it as a librarian who checks your library card and records you as the person who borrowed a book. Software can cost serious money, but don’t feel that you have to spend. Cheap to free software is increasingly common, particularly since smartphones are now so often used for scanning purposes. This software should have a few core capabilities, like managing scanned numbers, correlating them with users, and producing exportable databases.
  • It's almost always a good idea to use your company's logo on asset tags – tags with branding look more professional, are harder to copy and easier to spot. Tags work best when they have some color to them – you can even use tags to color-code assets according to when they were purchased or how they were funded. A school might want to color code items bought with Title I funds, and a nonprofit might want to make it readily evident which grant paid for what. It's important to know what material the tag is going to be stuck onto – does the adhesive label need to be pliant, or is an aluminum tag suitable? If the tag is going to be attached to keys, why not get a tagged key fob?
  • If you have a smartphone, surprise – you already own a barcode scanner! There are dozens of apps that give your phone the ability to scan barcodes of all sorts, from 2D to QR codes to the classic black bars. (A few good apps: Quick Scan Pro, ShopSavvy, and Barcode Scanner are a few. You’ll need to ensure that your asset tracking software either provides smartphone functionality or works with whatever scanning app you choose, of course. Smartphones do have some drawbacks – they aren’t always as accurate, and they may not provide the functionality of a dedicated scanner plugged into a computer.
Asset Tracking
A little branding makes an asset tag look more professional

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