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Every dollar your business has spent on its property is a reason to keep track of where that property is, and who is using it. Sometimes it’s about safety and liability (“Has anyone seen that nailgun around lately?”), sometimes assets with high value or importance need a little extra security to keep them from replica rolex cheap wandering off the worksite, and sometimes employees just need a reminder to put things back where they belong. Asset barcode tags are a surprisingly simple, effective, easily managed way to keep your investments safe.
Types of Tags
Aluminum Asset Tags
AlumiGuard™ Metal Asset Tags "World's Best Asset Tag!"
Resistant to chemicals, scratching, and fire, ultrahard AlumiGuard™ tags are rated to survive for at least ten years outdoors. Our scientists tell us that in case of direct nuclear assault, only cockroaches and AlumiGuard™ asset tags will survive.
EconoGuard Asset Labels
EconoGuard™ Asset Labels

Even though they're conformable, these vinyl tags aren't to be trifled with - perfect for irregular surfaces, they'll stick to metal, plastic or whatever else they're on. Incredibly, they stick just as well anywhere from -40F all the way up to 300F - they'll even withstand a few drops of liquid nitrogen.
SunGuard Metal Asset tags
SunGuard™ Metal Asset
Want to put the hives in thieves? Look no further than SunGuard tags. Full-color-printable so your branding will shine, these asset tags are perfect for multipurpose use.
FoilGuard Aluminum Asset Labels
FoilGuard™ Aluminum Asset Labels
FoilGuard™ Aluminum Asset Labels are made from aluminum and are comformable for large-radius, curved surfaces.
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